The Boy Wonder and the Apple Tree House

Game Aug 19, 2020

We've finally added more levels to The Adventures of the Boy Wonder, we've also added sound!

For Owen's birthday I built a game exploring his very own superhero origins. From the pages of Matman and the Boy Wonder came the mobile game, Adventures of the Boy Wonder. You can read more on it's inception from the earlier post and website.

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The game is available for download now on Android and iOS.

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The Levels

The new levels draw inspiration directly from the comic book - a story of Matman and the Boy Wonder collecting the Golden Apple of Elmfield. (We used to have an Apple Tree in our back garden growing up)

3 New Levels

There are 3 new levels with more chronomites, more time gems and more adventures, you'll have to have completed the original levels to play these ones.

The curves of the trees adds a new challenge to developing the game and makes the chronomites more difficult to attack. Remember you can jump off of trees, by sliding down then jumping.

The enemy numbers are higher - so be quick. Dodge, dip, duck, dive and... Dodge.


Another big update across the whole game - sound. The background track is an 8 bit version arcade sound track created and shared on YouTube by Finn Talisker. All sound effects were collected from FreeSound to complete the arcade feel.

You can change the sound effects and music settings in the settings menu too. There's no reason muting you phones volume won't work too.


These levels are smaller in width but you make up for it by moving up (climbing the tree). Here's a view of a level as a whole.

A full level of the game - zoomed right out

Download Now

Remember the game is available for download now on Android and iOS now.

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