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Killybegs Marine Surveyors Website

A brand new website for Killybegs Marine Surveyors. Noel reached out to me after seeing my work on the [Tory Ferry](https://toryferry.com) website and wanted some help with getting things up and running and the branding of his site. The website lists all his services and how to get in touch with him. We worked together to get the website high in Google rankings for strong keywords with good SEO for surveyors needs in Donegal. ![](/images/2019/04/google_logo.jpg)The new Killybegs Marine Surveyors logo One highlight of the site is the tight integration with the facebook chat functionality, it's currently in [beta](https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/discovery/customer-chat-plugin) but we've had no problems integrating it! Let us know what you think over on [facebook](https://www.facebook.com/Killybegs-Marine-Surveyors-547406482360093/)