We've worked a lot with Arranmore Ferry on their website, branding and mobile applications.


The logo and colours of Arranmore Ferry are consistent across all websites and apps. Since the ferry is blue, that colour had to be included, and it's complementary colour is orange.

Across all platforms every time written in blue is 'Departing Arranmore' and every time is in orange is 'Departing Burtonport'.


Originally the ferry website was designed to be as light as possible, to speed up the amount of time it took to load. With the internet being improved in Arranmore Island, it now has large full screen images with parallax scrolling pieces.

V3 of the Arranmore Ferry website


All the ferry times are available from the website but to make things even easier the ferry team wanted an mobile application. It's available on Android, iOS and Amazon's FireOS.

All times are controlled by the ferry team using the Admin Panel

Since we've launched there's been over 4,000 downloads

Download them from the App Stores now.