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A Distillery Idea for Arranmore Island

There’s a new idea, a proposal, for a distillery in Arranmore Island. An opportunity to promote the island and create brand new jobs.

We recently created a small one page website for the idea, which featured a video promoting the idea. The video featured on the website. From the projects website:

The ambition is to create a whiskey comparable to the great malts on the market today, a visitor centre that will attract tens of thousands to Arranmore per annum, whilst creating approximately 20 full time jobs on the island.

Be part of something special and help secure Arranmore’s future.

The Website Code

The website was a simple design but features a form which POSTs to a Google App Script. They’re a series of tools designed to integrate with Google products quickly and easily. It was very simple to develop a couple of these scripts to collect the data and notify users via email upon a new registration.

All script documentation can be found on the official Google App Scripts site.

If you’d like to register your interest, visit the website and complete the form here: https://oileanarainn.com/