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Arranmore Challenge Digital Statistics

Arranmore Challenge 2019 was last week, I wanted to share some of the stats from the website and apps over the weekend.

First off, Congratulations to Dungloe Town for their fantastic win, they’re featured on the home page of the website and permanently in the tables. I look forward to seeing them return next year to defend their title.

First off, we’ve got some stats from the website:

For such a small island it’s hard to deny the significant and global reach. Very cool to see UAE and Australia users checking in on the challenge.

Unsurprisingly Sunday was the day everyone decided to tune into the website - the highest surge in traffic occurring around the time of the final.

Over on the app side, we’ve seen increasing number of users helping out commenting on the games which I really appreciated, especially when struggling to leave the house in the mornings with a belly full of breakfast.

Thanks to Laura and Kayla for using the app, their statuses were viewed most on the website.

Next year I’ll be adding more ways to monitor the app usage so I can give better statistics and improve the experience for everyone. The suggestion for VAR has been noted, but I can’t guarantee it…

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the app and site, see you all next year.