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Arranmore & Tory Ferries Launch Golden Tickets

We’ve just completed the successful launch of Arranmore and Tory ferries golden ticket features. Both mobile applications, available now for download on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, now give all users the ability to win a golden ticket, which means a free ticket to your favourite Donegal islands.

How It Works

The app works as it always did. You can select your ticket, the date, journey and time. After you’ve input any special requests and contact number you’ll be shown your trip summary.

When you click the “Book Ticket” button, you’ll be automatically entered into a drawer to have your trip paid for. If you’re lucky, your ticket will be made Golden, you’ll get a pile of golden confetti and a golden ticket.

If you’re not lucky, you can still book your trip and visit Arranmore and Tory!

Tory Ferry's Golden Ticket update

Download and Update the App

Both apps have now rolled out the updates for Golden Tickets, just make sure you have the latest version of the app.

Arranmore Ferry

You can download or update the Arranmore Ferry App using the below buttons which link to Google Play and Apple App Store.

Tory Ferry

Likewise you can download or update the Tory Ferry using the below buttons.

Arranmore and Tory Ferry's Golden Ticket update