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Arranmore MODAM

Over the last month I’ve visited Arranmore Island a couple of times and was able to experience a sneak peek of the new remote workspace, Mol Oifig Digiteach Árainn Mhór otherwise known as MODAM.

The space is part of a larger project with Three to showcase a better connected life. They’re running an ad campaign showcasing the internet speeds the space now has thanks to the installation of their tech.

The aim for the project is to revitalise Arranmore Island bringing more people to visit, work for longer stretches of time and eventually move to the island.

As for my experiences in the hub, it was perfect. Fast internet speeds (beating my upload speed in London), huge widescreens to connect to and an amazing view and commute at the end of the day.

As Adrian Begley, chair of the Arranmore Community Council, says it’s all about the ‘connectivity’, internet and people alike.

After a huge media blitz last month, in which Arranmore Ferry got a nice shoutout, the space is opening to the public later on this month, so hopefully see you there soon! Arranmore Island's MODAM