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Ask Alexa for Arranmore Ferry

As part of our work with the Arranmore Ferry team, we’ve built an Alexa Skill to make the ferry times available with just your voice. Of course, all times are in sync with the mobile app and website.

You’ll need to enable the skill on your Amazon account and then you’ll be able to ask Alexa for the next ferries, today’s ferries and tomorrow’s ferries.

Next Ferries

Alexa, Ask Arranmore Ferry, when the next sailings are

Today or Tomorrow’s Ferries

Alexa, Ask Arranmore Ferry, what the crossings are tomorrow

The Arranmore Ferry Promo

Thanks to Owen Loughnane for his help with the promo video.

Technical Side Note

If you’re looking to develop your own Alexa skill, I’d recommend taking a look at the NodeJS ASK (Alexa Skills Kit) SDK.

These docs were great in particular. The github repo is here.