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2023 Round Up

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on all the tech and toys Hexa Studio has generated upon in 2023. It’s been a busy year with our first hardware projects. Updates to apps, website and the pieces hidden behind the scenes keeping everything chugging along.

Self-Service Kiosks at Arranmore Ferry

Arranmore Ferry Kiosk

This year, we unveiled our self-service kiosks at Arranmore Ferry, a project that transformed from a wishful thought several years ago into a tangible, cutting-edge reality. We partnered with AllSee Technologies and Stripe to create the software for these kiosks. They offer a smooth experience, from selecting ferry times to choosing the number of passengers and vehicle details. We even added an eco-friendly option with e-tickets!

Our kiosk, located at Burtonport, streamlines ticket purchasing and reduces waiting times. It’s not just a machine; it’s a ‘ferry’ good assistant for travelers!

You can learn more about the kiosk on the Arranmore Ferry website

Handheld Payment Devices

Handheld Payment devices

We introduced state-of-the-art payment devices on the Arranmore and Tory Ferries. These Android-powered devices provide a swift and secure way for passengers to pay. They ensure that our team have all the latest information for your journey when you board. The integration of QR codes on our tickets, website and app all being connected is just another step towards making our ferry software ‘seas’ the day our digital platform!

The payment device intro blog post is on the Tory Ferry website

Golden Tickets on Arranmore and Tory Ferries

Our mobile applications for Arranmore and Tory Ferries now include a ‘golden’ surprise. Passengers can win a golden ticket - a free trip to their favorite Donegal islands. It’s as simple as booking a ticket through the app, and voila, you might just strike gold! It’s a little way we add some ‘sparkle’ to our passengers’ journeys.

We even dabbled in a bit of video editing for the occasion.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

We managed to squeeze in even more ways to make it easier for you to book tickets using the ferry mobile apps - both Arranmore and Tory ferries now support Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Tory Ferry supports Apple Pay and Google Pay

Upcoming Inis Oírr Mobile App

Inis Oírr Plassey

Looking ahead, I am thrilled to share that I’m working on the Inis Oírr mobile app. Following a recent visit to the island, we are buzzing with ideas for the app’s rollout. The islanders are hard at work populating data for a launch in 2024. I can’t wait to share the final result.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported Hexa, sharing, liking and commenting on posts to suggesting to new ideas on improvments and new ideas. If you look closely at the images of apps - you might see your names in little shout-outs to you.

Here’s to 2024.