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Hi Sign

Here’s a little utility app to share a sign on your phone - picking someone up from the airport, leaving a note or sharing a message on a video chat. This app does the job.

On a video chat quiz a while ago my family and I were told to share our answers on screen (there’s been some cheating in the past - looking at you Mum). But on a video call everything is mirrored - so no one could read what we were saying - so I built an app to solve the problem. Introducing the “Hi Sign”

Hi Sign

A little utility mobile app to let you create a sign on your phone or tablet. No need to scribble it down on a piece of paper - just type and hold your screen up. Whether you’re picking someone up from the airport, leaving a note for someone or sharing your answers on a quiz, this little sign board should do just the trick.

Simple, no fuss app to get the job done.

How To Use Hi Sign

There’s a text box on screen when you open the app, you can type anything in the box, including emoji, then hit the show sign button to have it appear on screen.


If you’re going to use the app on a video chat - select the mirror option. Hold the phone up in a mirror or on a video call and the text becomes legible. Everyone else on your video call will be able to see read it correctly too.


You can change the colours of the text and the background for your sign before showing on screen. The app let’s you select default colours so when you clear your sign - you can keep your colours.

Keeping Awake

In the settings menu you can choose to keep the phone awake - be warned - this will keep your screen awake until you exit the sign which will continue using your battery. But it does afford you the option to leave your phone and show your sign. You could use the app to leave reminders or notes for people.


A high sign is defined as a silent signal of warning or recognition - the name of the app plays on that idea and let’s you just say “hi”. #wordplay

Available Now To Download

The apps available now on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.