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Inis Oírr Beo Branding

We’re getting ready for the launch of Inis Oírr Beo, a new mobile app for visitors and islanders of the idyllic Inis Oírr Beo. We wanted to be the first to introduce the new logo and branding for the icon to you!

The Icon

We’ve designed the brand to represent the iconic elements of the island.

  • The castle ruin you can see from the ferry pier
  • The walls of Inis Oírr you can walk along across the whole island
  • A stylised Plassey shipwreck, one of many incredible stories of the island
  • And of course, the sea around the island

Branding Options


The icon is designed with an alternative mono colour version to be clearer on dark backgrounds and works against all lighter colour backgrounds.

Variations on the logo, Inis Oírr Beo

The App Icon

We’re hoping that this app icon will be a permanent fixture on your home screens, here’s a sneak peek. We hop you like it!

The Inis Oírr Beo App Icon

All these elements have come together inside the app, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Stay tuned!