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Videographer Owen Loughnane

We wanted to share a new website we’ve recently worked on for videographer Owen Loughnane.

He’s done a couple of videos for Hexa Studios too, with more work in the pipeline, for now, take a look at what he’s capable of on his showreel.

Check out all his videos on YouTube, from 3D visual work, promo videos to a personal favourite of mine…

Owen’s been expanding his portfolio lately and the style across the breadth of his work is testament to his skill set.

He’s even won awards for his work in the past, including a memorial tribute video for 9/11 victims, for which he was awarded a trip to meet New Yorkers. New York is featured on his website on a more recent trip too.

If you’re looking for a video to be pieced together for a website or just to play about with ideas, reach out to him via his website here.