Family Fortunes Style Game

Website May 11, 2020

I created a quick little game of family fortunes and wanted to share the game and code in case anyone wanted to use it.

How to Play

Online Version

The game is available online at

The answers for the game (should only be read by the 'host') are here:

The easiest way we've found to play the game was to share the website on screen and have the host view the answers file on another.

  • If a player get's an answer correct, the host can click the answer or the corresponding number on their keyboard.
  • If a player get's it wrong, the host can click the wrong button or click the "x" key on their keyboard.
  • If all 3 wrong answers are exhausted they can reset the wrong answer counter with the other red button.

Offline Version

Alternatively if you wish to customise the game you can download the game using this link

You can edit the file at: assets/js/data.js

Note: this file contains all the answers, titles of the quiz and the names of the rounds in JSON format.

The format must be consistent with the existing code to work correctly.

To run locally, you can simply open the index.html file in your browser and play.


The GitHub repo is available here: