Tory Ferry Tickets

Tory Nov 14, 2020

A HUGE update to the Tory Ferry app is rolling out today, you can now buy and manage your tickets to Tory Island all inside our app.

With the latest update of the Tory Ferry app, v.5.0, our customers can now create an account inside the app and can choose, pay for and view their tickets.

The bottom navigation bar has a new ticket icon which houses the ticket shop and your tickets. Simply tap in all the details of your desired journey and the orange button will pop up for you to continue.

You can enter a new card (and save it for future purchases), these cards will be saved securely on our partners secure servers, Stripe. Stripe are the leading payment developers in their industry and we do not save any credit cards.

Buying tickets to Tory Island with a new card or used card

Tory Ferry Accounts

To save your tickets you'll need an account, we've made it as easy as we can to get you logged in - it's 2 clicks - using Apple, Google or Facebook. You can alternatively use your email address to create a new password and login.

This account will save all your tickets - your upcoming tickets will be saved in your "My Tickets" screen but your account will save all your old tickets too.

Creating an account

Buying a Ticket

This is a huge update and there's lots of new parts of the app for you to experience - we've made it as easy and as clear as possible so that you know how many tickets you're buying and how much you're paying.

What If?

We've had to account for all sorts of scenarios inside the app - if a ferry is rerouted or cancelled you'll receive a notification and options on what to do next. In those rare instances you'll be able to request a refund, or make a change to your ticket.

Selecting passengers for travelling


Return tickets appear in the app in two parts (1 pass per journey), as always Departing Tory will appear in blue, while Departing Magheroarty will appear in orange.

You can open your tickets to see the full details and let your ticket be scanned by the Tory Ferry crew too.

Buying a ticket on the Tory Ferry App

Your Ferry Team

This is a huge update for us and we're excited to share it with you - if you have any questions at all - reach out to us on Faceb ook or give us a call and we can help get you started with the update and get you to Tory faster.